Monday, October 21, 2013

First week and first Baptism

Greetings from McCall, 

           Last Saturday I had my first convert baptism, It was an awesome experience. (even though I didn't really have a ton to do with her conversion, really just finishing where the other missionaries had left off!) But the work is moving forward! I really love it up here in McCall! The pine trees and the lake are such a great thing to wake up to each day! I hear we are supposed to have a pretty mean winter up here. ( 5-10 feet of snow) But I am really excited for that! I love the snow! So my area is actually pretty big, it covers McCall, Council, Cascade, and Riggins. The only bad thing about that is that we only get 1500 miles a month with our truck. (yeah, we are already over)  Most of those cities are 50 miles one way! So we do our best to drive as little as possible. But that is hard because we are in Idaho and there is about a 2 mile gap between houses haha. Either way we are finding ways to get the work done! We have been doing a ton of service, mostly cutting, splitting, & stacking wood, and then moving it, and then moving it again! haha. Every single house up here burns wood for heat during the winter so it is a pretty big deal. It gives us a great opportunity for service. This coming week should be pretty great! We have two appointments with potential investigators, one of them is Rebecca's mom. ( the girl that was baptized last Saturday) the other is a teenage boy who actually went with all the ym to the temple and sat outside wile they did baptisms.  He asked the leader he was with what he had to do to go inside and he said " get baptized! " so now he is taking the lessons! It is a good example of how members need to do their part to find investigators. All the boys his age are really supportive and want to help him out! There are a ton of less actives up here. McCall is where people come to hide from things haha. They are the hardest, but we have a lot of awesome people in our teaching pool that are interested in starting back up. The members are really great too! We honestly have a dinner scheduled every night of the week! It is so awesome because we get some good home cooked meals and it is always a cool teaching opportunity. Getting up at 6:30 really isn't hard because we are always going to sleep at 10:00.( or earlier)  after we get home it is just like "how long till we can go to sleep?"  So I think it was Landon or Tyler that said his favorite part of the day is personal study time! I totally agree I swear, even though I am speaking English, I have been given the gift of tongues and I can finally understand what the scriptures are talking about haha. I love it though! Always trying my best to improve in every way, and I know that the lord is on my side. 

            Keep it real! 

                           - Elder Maynard

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