Thursday, October 3, 2013

MTC Drop Off

Yes, the adventure has begun! Yesterday we dropped off TJ- oops! Elder Maynard - at the MTC. 

It was a busy morning for not having to be there until 1:15. 

We had stayed up until 1:30 am getting everything packed into his suitcases (3 of them plus a garment bag! He is determined to be the best dressed missionary in Idaho!) Jaden and Mom were up and down at the gate by 7am to hang Good Luck posters - then we all got ready for the day. 

Before we left the left the house we had one last family prayer. Mom cried the whole way through.... 

We then went to the shop to get the trailer (business owners never stop working - driving by the factory today meant we had to pick up spas!) Grandma and Grandpa Griffiths met us there for one final hug.

From there we went to Walmart because mom had forgotten to get him twin sheets! Then we headed down to the factory to drop off the trailer so they could get it loaded.

Then we finally headed for Provo. 

I'm not sure how the rest of the family was feeling, but since we still had him with us, it didn't quite feel real yet. But the next hour was over before we knew what hit us!

We stopped for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in the mall. Another missionary family came in not long after us - Wednesday's are big missionary lunch days in Provo I'm sure! We were all pretty quiet - not a lot of conversation, just staring at TJ- ELDER MAYNARD!

By the time our pizzas arrived, we were a bit afraid we were going to be late, but we ended up being early. Looking back, I wish we would have stopped at the park and said more goodbyes and had more hugs, but we didn't. We just drove straight to the MTC. The line to go into the MTC was steady and full. I don't think they would have known if we were late or early - but what happened next - for us is still a blur. We made our way into the line of vehicles, stopped at a director who asked if we had an Elder or a sister. He then put a blue sticky paper on our windshield. We were then directed to the left, where we felt like we were in a parade - lines of existing Elders and Sisters were waving to us from the sidewalk. We found a place to pull over and 2 Elders walked up to us and said hello. Shawn jumped into the back of the truck, handed out his luggage as mom tried to snap as many photos as possible. The Elders helping us were so nice and mom had them take a quick family pic, but that caused another Sister to come and tell us we had to move along! Quick hug for everyone and they wisked him away! We all jumped into the truck and drove away. silence. just like that he was gone. even dad had tears. mom had plenty. Jaden was just quietly sad. 

It was a long quiet drive home for us. I am anxious to hear how the rest of the day went for our Elder. 

If you want to send him a letter - click on the link to the right, under his name. It will take you to a site called Dear Elder. They print and deliver the letters everyday. His unit # is 90. 

He is scheduled to fly out to Idaho on October 15th. 

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