Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week #4 - McCall Idaho

Hey all,
        Thank you for all of your letters/email to me. I feel selfish because I spent all my time reading and less time replying so I will have to make this quick. It has been a crazy week! Our area is so spread out that it is hard to make sure we touch on all the wards that we cover. But we have managed to have another great week, we found one new investigator knocking doors, and the high school  boys in the ward brought us another referral, so we are slowly growing our teaching pool!  Friday we had a Leadership meeting in Baker City, which is like a 3.5 hour drive from McCall! so we had to get up at 5:00 to make it to that. We pretty much spent the whole day driving but when we got back into town we went to the ward party which was a "hoedown." It was really pretty fun, there was  a huge bon fire and lots of fun games but the cool part is that there were probably 50% non-members, so we were talking to people all night, and have a couple return appointments this coming week! Something kinda crazy happened today too. My Mom sent me a referral for one of our relatives and it turns out that we actually taught them a lesson last Saturday! I was so excited to hear that!  I can't wait to tell them that we are cousins haha.  Things are really going good though, I am slowly adjusting to missionary life. It is so great to read letters from everyone! And to my other Boiz on missions, your mail is like scripture to me, it is truly inspiring to read how everyone else in the field is doing! I know that what we are doing is important and that every person we talk to and tech will be truly blessed. I know that as we continually work to bring people closer to Christ, we will be blessed as well! You guys are awesome, thanks for the support! Today during our planning I scheduled myself in to play red light green light with the fox that lives in our back yard so i best get going so I don't miss that appointment! I know the lord is on my side #AsLongAsIGotMySuit&Tie #AndNameTag #AndBookOfMormon 

  Love - Elder Maynard

ps, James, I loved your analogy about being the right kind of tool
pps, Someone in the real world tell me how the moth & the flame was haha. 

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