Thursday, November 14, 2013

You are either a gansta or a saint...

      Coming to you from McCall with another great week under my belt! I'm starting to really get past that "new missionary" thing, and really understand what we are doing out here. It feels great! We had two meeting this week, one in Nampa, and another in Baker city. (those are both 3 hours one way) They were great meetings but it really killed our days haha. Plus i had the flu Wednesday-Friday, but I got over it really quickly! I loved each of the meetings though, at the new missionary training meeting in Nampa i got to see all my friends from the mtc which was pretty great! We talked a lot about how we can better our work. Then at our Zone meeting in Baker City we did a lot to figure out how we can find people. Which is important for us specifically in McCall because everyone is so far away that door to door is really not that effective use of our time. We are starting to get creative with the ways we involve members and I think we will start to see some return from that in the next couple weeks. So I am pretty sure that i say this every week but I am growing spiritually so much! I learn, and learn, and learn, every day! and I love that! I can't even start to imagine who I will be after 2 years of this. At Zone conference my ZL said something i really liked. He goes, "when I came out here i thought it was going to be a "punch in, punch out" but I am here to better myself so I can be a missionary for the rest of my life."  I loved it, it really changed my mentality about things because I felt like that for the first little while haha. But I am here to help people become better by bringing them to christ, Just as much as I am building a foundation for the rest of my life. We ate dinner with an older couple who have 7 grandchildren on missions right now! I was just thinking about how incredible that is. Because of their faithfulness, the gospel is being shared to literally thousands of people in every corner of the world! The lord is hastening his work, everywhere you look there is proof of it. I can feel it especially now that I am out in the field.  One of the biggest proofs of it is the Book of Mormon. That book has been saved for THIS dispensation for THIS generation, and I had never thought of it as a sign of the hastening till now but really it is. I really am beginning to love the B.O.M. I was always so confused when i read it before haha. Since I got to the MTC I have already read it once and I have  started up for another round. As a mission we are supposed to read it by Dec, 18. I was so pumped when I heard that goal. Because when I am studying in the scriptures that is really when i feel the spirit and it is when the spirit has the opportunity to teach me the most!  Yesterday one of our Less Actives came to church and after being there for like 5 min, she just started crying and leaned over to me and said. ( this is ridiculous i should have come back a long time ago!) I can tell that yesterday was the start of a new chapter in her life, and that is exactly what I am here to do. Help people change for the best. In the last GC, pres Monson said that trials are so we have the opportunity to build ourselves back up better than we were before WITH the spirit central to our lives. (something like that haha) But if that's all I do out here i know that i will have been the tool through with Christ saves his children. Yesterday we were meeting with one of our recent converts and we had a big conversation about how crazy the world is etc, etc. Anyways he just stood up and yelled, "when it comes down to it your either a Gangtsta or a Saint."  haha. I had a really hard time not laughing. It was awesome! So if i can leave you all with one thing, it would be " are you a Gansta or a Saint? " or in other words  " choose ye this day who ye will serve - joshua something"  But if you wanted to be like a gansta who followed the commandments, loved the lord, and endured to the end, that would be pretty cool too! haha.

Peace out!
Love from McCall!

 - Elder Maynard.

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