Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week #10 Three simple lessons

"I've often said the key to missionary work is work"  This last week has been one of the greatest weeks on my mission yet! And when I look back at it, I realize it is because we worked hard! We taught more lessons than we ever have, and more than the McCall area has had in the last 12 months. The work is just exploding up here right now. Potential investigators seem to just walk right up to our door every day!

This happened last Tuesday when a man showed up to pick up some wood for a family that has just moved in. We got to talking to them and found out this family has nothing. No furniture, no dishes, no anything. So we sent him on his way with the wood and a Christmas tree that we had the week before! Later that afternoon we went out and visited them. At first they were resistant to any contact at all, but once they found out our purpose for coming, they were more than happy to meet with us. Later that week they actually showed up at the ward's Christmas party! President Monson gave a talk in the 80s about when he was a bishop, and helped a family that was moving in from Germany. Once he found out where the family was moving into he went and inspected the apartment, and with the help of the ward, completely remodeled, furnished & stocked this home. So that when the family arrived, they would have a warm welcome. I was really moved by this story. This last Sunday we met with the ward council and I have high hopes that we will have a similar story by the time we have finished helping them. I love serving people!

 This last week a investigator that was dropped months before I got here called and she said. "I don't know who else to call, but our water has been out for a week and we don't know what to do. Can you help?"  My comp looks at me, and I was like "Don't worry, I got it!" Long story short I ended up crawling underneath their trailer house with a handful of pluming that I picked up from the hardware store, and fixed the frozen and broken pipes. It was cold and wet, but they were incredibly grateful and we have an appointment to teach them this week! The Lord truly does answer prayers. 

We have had so many solid appointments, with people who are truly prepared to hear the gospel! In one ward alone we got 5 new investigators! Last Saturday we went to visit a less active that we were teaching, and when we got there we found two guys we had never seen that were definitely waiting for us. One of them was quick to tell us how he used to be an active member and he has been waiting for a sign to come back. The other was in a similar situation, though he was not a member, he too had been waiting for something to come into his life to bring him to repentance. After talking for only a short while we got into a very strong spiritual conversation. Without having ever taught this man about the gospel before, he told us that he could see that we were men of God. I had a very strong prompting to invite him to be baptized. I thought it was kinda crazy since he knows nothing about the gospel, but I opened my mouth and the spirit put out the words. I explained the priesthood, and how Christ died for our sins, and finished with a simple " will you be baptized?" He said yes!   Then I asked him what he thought baptism was. He listed off a dozen incredible things, (repentance, becoming clean, committing to God etc. )  after he finished, he just fell into tears. Along with the LA we went to teach, and the other kid we just met. It was powerful. The next day all three of them showed up to church! He was excited to learn about everything. After I gave him a book of Mormon, and he basically told me that the spirit has already testified to him that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God! It was almost overwhelming, but it is incredible how the lord really does go before us to prepare the hearts of men. 
This week I learned three simple lessons. 1. Teach boldly and simply of the truths that you know. 2. Put all your trust in the Lord.  3. Work work work.  
Chruch is true boys!   love you!
       - Elder Maynard!

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