Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week #11 - Faith is the Key

    MMMMMcCall says hello, unfortunately there is still not any snow! Just enough to cover the grass. (almost) I was really excited for feet and feet. But i suppose it could still come. So these last couple weeks have just been incredible! We have had the opportunity to talk to and meet with so many new people. One of the ward mission leaders said to me one night, "do you feel like the flood gates have been opened?" He couldn't have said it any better! I think our teaching pool has tripped in size since i got here. and they are all good lessons, families that have been prepared to hear the gospel, Less actives that are ready to make the changes in their lives that they have been procrastinating. We were teaching one family this last week, they moved here from Mexico 16 years ago and during our last lesson they said that they all want to be baptized! I was so excited for them, but then we found out that they aren't legally married. . at first i was really really excited because earlier this month i set a goal for my mission to "be the minister at a wedding!" haha.  But because of other legality they cant get married or they will get deported. So, we are working with that one. But I have faith that they will baptized soon! These last couple weeks i have really learned that faith is key. We have been teaching the youth minister from a non-demoninational church here in mccall. It is awesome, I learn so much every time, and i really feel like i am teaching them a ton each time we meet. They are almost to the point where they will admit that they believe that there was a need for the restoration, and that joseph smith is a true prophet of god. I say "admit" because i already know that they know it! But that is a tricky situation as well because he would have to give up his job to accept what we are teaching him. Plus he is a big time jeeper so he and i connected really well right off the bat. We went out to the Tamarak ski resort/town this last week and it just blew my mind. It is so beautiful! There is billions of dollars in that resort, and all the homes that  have been built up there. Apperantly in 2005 there was a big "tamarak boom" and there was tons and tons of development up there but about two years ago it went bankrupt and pretty much everything stopped in its tracks. Its sad because it really is an incredible place! So of the 300 homes/ski chalets there are 8 full time residents. We had the maintenance guy (member) rat them all out and we went and visited. It actually turned into a good trip. We have two return appointments from that. But i loved the area, the whole time i was up there i was just thinking. "Man, I could live here! and just skii all the time!" Okay, i wanted to share two funny quotes from people we are teaching. 1st: we were just finishing a lesson with this sweet old lady named Bessy, she was raised a southern baptist. (so she is pretty firm on her beliefs) but we finished the lessons and she was praying for us and said. "please bless these fine young men to know that not everyone is a Mormon, and i am definitely one of them." haha, i almost started laughing in the middle of the prayer. 2nd: We were teaching a less active that is doing sooo good! she is coming back to church and preparing for temple etc. anyways, we were talking about how she is going to start dating again and she goes, "I'm done looking for hot guys, my new plan is to find someone like Jack Black, just fat and funny!"  It was awesome! I really love all these people that we are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with. It seems like each week the lord teaches me a very important lesson. last week it was "work work work" this week was "love the people" What a blessing it is for us to be able to come out here to devote 2 years of our lives to become more like Christ! Love you all! Thank so much for the letters/emails. Especially to all ma boiz out in the field! I look up to each and every one of you! Church is true!
Love Elder Maynard!
ps. The fox is doing great! she lives on hot dogs & sour craute, and she loves it when i sing the song "pusha love" to her.  #JT

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