Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week #7 Christ has no hands on earth but yours

Friends, family, hello again!
       McCall is starting to get some winter weather, and i am really excited for it! I really love this area! So last tuesday we were just studying and I looked out the window and saw some guy throwing some wood out of the ward's storage into the back of his truck. I was like "Elder, do you know this guy?" haha. So we went out and started to talk to him, he ended up being a Jehovah witness. Long story short, after some conversation about what he believed i ended up teaching him the plan of salvation and giving him a Book of Mormon which he committed to read!  We are supposed to meet with him sometime this coming week so I will be super anxious to hear what he has to say about the Book Or Mormon. We are currently teaching a family that we met at the ward party, and its kinda weird to me to be teaching exactly in the form that we always learned about and role-played in the MTC. Just a sweet little family, mom and dad and their two kids, and they all ask pretty much the exact questions that we always prepared for. It is crazy because it just never happens but I love teaching them. Our teaching pool is slowly growing, and I guess that is all we could ask for! I can't wait to experience being a missionary during Christmas, Because being a missionary is sorta like being in that Christmas spirit all the time. So we had a thanksgiving Zone conference down in Nampa. It looks like we just can't get through a week without having at least one day where we drive for 6+ hours. But it was way fun, we did a ton of team building stuff and after fasting for the whole day we had a huge thanksgiving feast!  (we left our place at 4:00am so the fast seemed extra long for us!) I love the conferences though, just being around so many other missionaries is always a treat! When you are surrounded by 50+ of the lord's servants, you cant help but feel the spirit. We had an awesome service project this week too. We helped this crazy old miner move his entire house into a 52' semi trailer. He was awesome. His name was Buck and he just cracked me up. He is a survivalist, so he has like 20 of everything, unless it has to do with guns, then there is something along the lines of 200. I swear we moved like 100 amo cans. (and they were all full!) His brother Digger was there helping us. He is actually one of the coolest guys i have ever met. He is a convert to the church of 20 years, and before that was a hardcore biker. But after one year of being converted he has had uninterrupted service in the church as a missionary. Woah! this guy is dedicated! But the cool part is he still looks like a biker. He has a huge beard, but even still, is one of the spiritually strongest guys I have come across.  It has been a great week, we had lots of good lessons. Last night we taught what we call and "eternal investigator."  This guy has been seeing the missionaries for over 2 years. But as we taught him last night it was really the first time that I really felt like i was teaching 100% by the spirit. There was no doubt that he and his family were touched by it. It was really one of the greatest experiences that I have had up to this point. It reminds me that if you humble yourself and fully trust in the spirit, then you will be able to teach the things and teach the way that Christ would. I still hang by the words of the poem that i read in my farewell. "Christ has no hands on earth but yours." Everyday I just try my hardest to better myself so when it comes time to let the spirit take over I am prepared. I love this work, I love this gospel, I know that being out here has a giant impact on both my life and the lives of those that i have the opportunity to teach.

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