Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week #8 Disney Princess Moment

Its official, I made it through the first cycle of my mission! I am happy to report that I have another 6 weeks ahead of me in the McCall area. And I am still serving with Elder Young. The week wasn't too exciting. Nothing much happened with any of our investigators. One of them actually went to jail (haha) so we had to drop them.

There was something super exciting that happened this last Monday! Right when I got back from e-mailing, my fox was hanging out on the front porch so I walked right up to her and started to pet her. After like 5 min she just crawled into my lap and went to sleep! haha. I was so happy. Then it started to get kinda cold so I was faced with the dilemma of staying outside and freezing or getting up and letting my "Disney Princess" moment end. Then I decided that I would just take the fox inside! haha. So I scooped her up in my arms and carried her inside like a baby. My comp was sooo surprised when I walked into our room with her in my arms. Anyways we ended up teaching the fox the first discussion and now she is completely tame and lives in our apartment 24/7.    It is probably the coolest part about serving in Idaho. Coming home after a long day of proselyting just to see foxxy chillin' in her chair reading the book of Mormon. I love that fox.  (haha - TJ said they let actually her go after about an hour and have not seen her since - too bad, hopefully she will come back for another discussion!)

 ...and I love doing service projects! It really gives me a chance to exercise my planning/organization skills. We had an awesome service project this last week. A tree fell over and hit this lady's deck! So we went over and assessed the damage and what it would take to get the project done. The following Wednesday we had all the YM, their leaders, and several less active members there to help. We cut that tree into rounds, split two other entire pine trees for her to burn this year for heat, and put up plastic around her shed to protect the wood from the snow. It was really awesome to see everyone come together to help this lady out! One of our investigators even came and was able to do a lot of work. Right after that he came up and asked us when we could meet again, and we said. "how about right now?" It was one of the best lessons that we have taught with him. And he told us that he wanted to be baptized soon. He is super committed, and is excited to be working towards a date! We were joking that we should hold his baptism on Jan 1st at 12:01 so he could be the first person in 2014 to join the church. We just need to get the mission president to approve it. Wish me luck!

- Elder Maynard

ps. Beau, My ward mission leader & his wife just got his call and he is headed to your mission! I'm super jealous to be loosing him to you. He is awesome. Watch for him in Dec. Elder Rodger Cambell. 


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