Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week #15 ~January 13, 2014~ Thugs in McCall and Teach by the Spirit

  Its a new cycle up here and I am still so happy to be in McCall. It is so beautiful and the snow is finally coming in by the foot!! My new comp is Elder Stuver from Orem Ut. He is a little quirky, but I realized pretty quickly that regardless of our interests outside of the mission field we are both in the field serving the lord and when we are teaching we are exactly on the same page. We get along well. I guess that is all you can ask for! 

We really had an awesome week though. We really started off the transfer right. We are setting new records left and right. We exceeded all of our goals. Work Work Work. that is as true as it could be! 

So the other night McCall had some excitement. We were over at Brother Hess' house drinking some Mate, and all the sudden his brother in law calls. "Dude! some guy just wrapped a chain around the ATM and ripped it out of the ground with his truck. I saw the whole thing, he is headed towards your house and the cops are chasin' him!"  haha we all went straight to the window to watch this high speed chase! The guys actually shot out all the cop cars that were chasing him and he got away and they have yet to find him. Pretty thug for little ol' McCall ID if you ask me. Haha.

 First week of the transfer and we had a Zone meeting. I love zone meetings. (mostly because I never see any other missionaries) So we are in the La Grande OR zone,  and all of our meetings are in Baker city OR. That is like a 4 hour drive from McCall. It was so good to see everyone though. I love the new district, we went to pizzanos pizza after and got our usual 2' "giant."  Soo good! It is fun to be a missionary. Everyone trusts you and loves you haha.

We were tracting out in the "pumpkin patch" last week and actually tracted into a dinner at a non-members house and now we are teaching them. It is insane how the lord really prepares people to be taught... We see it pretty much on a weekly basis.

 Lesson learned this week: When you are teaching, you have to teach by the spirit.  So we were on splits with the Ward mission leader and he and I went to teach the youth pastor of the Elk Creek church! He and I immediately connected because it turns out he goes to Moab just as often as we do! Anyways we were discussing the Bible, the Book Of Mormon, the Apostasy, the need for a restoration etc. It was awesome conversation. But in reality it was just a debate and we weren't getting anywhere! Then the spirit put some words into my mouth that changed the whole conversation. We were discussing the validity of the testimony of the 3 & the 8. And I basically just cut in and said. "All those witness are important, and they are true, my testimony is important and it is true, but the only witness that you need is that of the holy spirit, & i promise if you humble yourselves before the lord and read the book with an open heart, the Holy ghost will witness to you the truthfulness of this book, & in turn the truthfulness of all things"   

We are doing a great work! Thanks for all the love and support! I look up to each one of you missionaries.  Until next week!
- Elder Fox

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