Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week #16 ~ January 20, 2014~ Going a little crazy and Persistence is Key

  You know how sometimes when you are a missionary you just kinda go crazy? It happens. I was feeling like that, so I went over to the Lennord's house and stole his guitar and came back to the apartment and played for about 4 hours straight. It centered me back in.  I felt so good after that. After a good full P-day of playing guitar I was all pumped up for another awesome week of missionary work. That is exactly what we did.

 We taught a ton of awesome lessons this week. The members were so involved, which is key! We have been teaching a young couple, It is a part member family and we had been teaching him for a couple weeks, but weren't really getting anywhere! Then we invited them over to this other family that was the same age as them and it was 180* difference. He was actually taking the conversation seriously and started to ask tons of questions, and is committed to a baptismal date! It was so awesome to see the difference.

 Ha, so on our way back from the Zone meeting, we were "racing" with the sisters. I basically taught the whole Plan of Salvation on the freeway! (giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "street contacting")

Displaying Street Contacting INM.jpg

 It was really funny, we had a whole lot of fun. We were probably traveling at about 100+ the whole time. . .  Anyways about 5 min after we had stopped cruising parallel, A highway patrol car pulls up next to us and just hovers for about 1 min. Basically just staring us all down. Finally he starts to slow down and we thought we were done for. But he just kept going back until he was  behind the sisters and pulled them over and not us!! It was way funny! The sister training leader was driving too so we made sure to give her a hard time over it. The two biggest secrets in the church are 1. What goes on inside the Temples. 2. What goes on inside the  mission field! soo true. But every week I'm pleased to give you a little glimpse of what it is like to be a full time servant of the lord. haha.

 On a more serious note. Its time for my "Lessons learned" Persistence is key!  We have been teaching a less active by the name of Dan since the very first day I got here, & 13 months prior. He had a lot of grudges and flat out told us that he was never going to come back to church. We continued to visit him every week with hopes that one day he would change his mind! This last week we went in and shared a lot from Uchdorf's talk. Basically just went in and played some hard ball, told him to swallow his pride and go back to church! At the end of the lesson, he said he wouldn't be going. So I challenged him to pray about it.  He called us at9:00 that night and said he was coming! I was so pumped. I let out a huge Cole Nixon "yyyyyyyyyyyes!!" He totally came and everyone was so happy to see him. He was so happy to be there! Persistence is key!  We had so many investigators at sacrament yesterday. I think that is the hardest thing as a missionary but everyone came! It was an awesome day! 

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again!! We had an awesome week. Elder Stuver and I continue to put our differences aside and work hard. 
Keep it real!
       - Elder Maynard

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