Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week #19 - February 10, 2014 - We want to be baptized!

Hey all!
     I'm afraid I don't have too much time today. We have to head down to Wiser pretty soon. 

 This week was pretty good. Our bishop got a phone call last Sunday and the guy on the other end said. "Hi, we just moved in and we want to be baptized!" ha-ha. Those are the phone calls you dream of when you are a missionary. So we went and visited him last Tuesday. He is like this old biker thug/drug dealer, that has totally turned around. We taught such an awesome lesson. On first contact, I committed him to be baptized next week, to start living the word of wisdom, and to come to church. Unfortunately he ended up being really sick. But when he called to tell us how sorry he was he couldn't make it to church he said that "I feel bad I cant make it today, but I absolutely love this book [The Book of Mormon] that you gave me!" haha. Its the kind of situation that only happens in role plays in the MTC. I'm sure he will be baptized in the near future. 

So we are killin it up here. We have 6 People with baptismal dates, only problem is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has Word of Wisdom issues that they cant seem to break!  It's sorta frustrating but I know that if they really put all their faith in the Lord, they will overcome it.
Keep it real.
   - Elder Maynard
It would be unusual if someone in church DIDN'T quote John Wayne in church. . .
 #Idaho "I know America is true"

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