Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week #20 - February 17, 2014 - Different missions are hard for different reasons...

Its crazy how quickly time goes on the mission. Already finished with my 3rd cycle. And I'm ready for the fourth! Again, happy to announce that I'm staying in McCall. It is good because we have so many people up here that I would have been sad to walk away from without seeing them actually get baptized. This way I will be able to stick around and finish up everything I have started!

 It has been a pretty busy week. We have driven so much! Between Zone meeting & District Meeting our entire week kinda got destroyed. We have so many people right now that are just prepared to hear the gospel. Twice we have had members call us and say, "hey, I just talked to my neighbor and they want to be baptized!" Its da best!! I don't think there is any one thing that happened this week that was that unique or special. Just generally a good week up in McCall.

 On Valentines day we went to the bishops house and hung out with all four of his boys. He & his wife were out of town so we just had a Valentines day bachelor party. Ate some pizza then left the boys with a solid lesson on dating haha.  I'm excited for a new transfer, I'm sure I'll see a lot of these people progress. (if they can quit smoking haha) 

So, I've found as talk with people that different missions are hard for different reasons. Example: In 3rd world countries, it is physically demanding to be working and surviving in such a different environment, but the people are humble and want to know about what you have to share. In Idaho, It is spiritually demanding, everyone is happy where they are, no one wants to change, they often have a lot of animosity towards what you have to share, but you get to enjoy the first world amenities. Every mission is different, every missionary struggles with different things, but what I have learned is that we grow from these challenges as we are obedient to the things God asks of us. Keep it up boiz!
- Elder Maynard

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