Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #22 March 3, 2014 "No Jill, I will not marry your daughter!"

Hey all!
       Greeting from McCall! It was another week that was just on fire! tons of people that are so so prepared to hear the word of god! We taught a investigator in a members home 5 nights this week! That is pretty much unheard of around here, but it is so important! First off, Cool little side story, so the girl who gave me a hug in sacrament meeting a couple months ago, her boyfriend that was at the meeting that heard my talk has committed to be baptized! Its so crazy! He is in Tacoma Washington, James? is that in your mission? or is tacoma its own? Either way its cool to see someone progress that far! 

So funny quote this week. "The LDS church is the only legitimate pyramid scheme!" 

So we had one lesson with an awesome investigator named Louis, by the time we met him, he had already read half the Book of Mormon. On our second visit he brought his girlfriend, and she brought her friend! All of these people were sincere and are now investigating the church. After the lesson, Sister Caven's called and gave me quite the compliment. She basically said that she has noticed that My companion and I have very very different personalities, and she says "He does a lot of things that give you a lot of opportunities to make degrading comments towards him, but you never do, you always support and encourage him, and that really brings the spirit!" It made me happy because some{all}times i really do have a hard time getting along. But i suppose I'm doing a good job. Tyler! My companion is wayyy into yugiho, so i can totally relate with you on that! I think its funny. 

So we spent the night in a Motel last week. That was pretty awesome! We had a meeting in the little town of Cambridge, so to save miles, we spent the night in a motel that a member owns. I was thinking to myself, this is probably a very once in a mission sort of thing, but it was cool.

 Some other funny quote this week. Me - "NO JILL! I wont marry your daughter! I don't care if she is my third cousin, The word cousin is still involved, besides there are thousands of RM's" -Jill "Yes, but there is only one Elder Justin Timberlake"  And a funny story to sign off with. So my companion tells everyone about how he has gained 60lbs in 6 months. The other night at our dinner appointment, he just finished giving the same 60 in 6 spill. Then right as he takes the last bite of pie the chair he is sitting on collapses, and he falls to the floor. haha. I guess the chair was already broken & re-glued, but the timing was incredible. "I think that's a sign Elder" Probably the highlight of my week besides yesterday when two of our investigators got up in sacrament meeting and shared how they now know that this is the true church. I love it! Things are going so good! Fasting works! The lord is blessing us! Love all of you guys!
       - Elder Timberlake
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