Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #23 March 10, 2014 I really enjoy the whole rainy pine tree environment.

Hey all, 

     It looks like conference season has begun. We just had our stake conference up here in McCall. It was pretty awesome. We actually had 8 investigators come! I was so pumped about that, especially seeing how most members can't seem to make it haha. But all the talks were great! Everyone was inspired. All of our investigators said they really enjoyed it as well. Its getting to that point where after working with these people for so long that they all are really really close to being ready for baptism. I would expect I'd be able to pull one or two after almost 6 months in one area. I'm really excited though,

 Louis, the kid I jammed with last week, (and again today) will be getting baptized in April after he gets back from general conference! I'm jealous that he gets to go and i don't haha. There is another family that is about ready too. The one that we split so much wood for back in November. We have actually really become quite good friends with this family. I'm excited to see them finally ready to make commitments. Savanna, the 12 yr old girl is one that is ready, i'm so excited for her and her sister to be baptized. They have so much faith. Chad & his wife Sam. This is the guy that had a seizure in sacrament meeting a couple weeks ago. But he is generally doing better. They are preparing to be dunked. And then there is Matt, he is totally ready! His wife just needs to get their paperwork together so she can get divorced from her old husband and they can get married.  There truly are soooo many people that are just prepared to hear the gospel, and we are working hard to not let any of them slip through our fingers. When I got to McCall, we had 1 active investigator. . Today we have 15. Its crazy how much of an effect the ward members can have on these people.

 So we spent a lot of time in the car this week. Zone meeting is in Baker city OR. I am the driver, so my companion slept the whole 4 hr drive. Which was nice. Its good to get to "pretend your alone" every now and then haha. The drive is just beautiful though. It was a drizzling morning, just cruising though the canyon with giant pine trees all around you, and the fog all patchy in the tree tops. I love it. I really love it up here in McCall. So my companion is a super creepy guy hahah, He has been spending lots of time writing a comic that is basically missionaries going around "cleaning up" their area.[murdering apostatized people] I don't really know how i feel about it. . but hey, he is creative. I'm sorta to the point where its like "you do your thing & i'll do mine and then we will go teach the gospel."   But it brings up a really important fact that you need to be yourselves when your on a mission. You cant be fake, you just gotta be your best self.

 Its been raining for about 7 days straight now, I like it. I really enjoy the whole rainy pine tree environment. Waking up to the rain on my window every day always makes me happy. Or the sound of the tractor backing up. (that is how i know it snowed more than 4" while we were sleeping.) McCall is just awesome, The members are awesome, the people are awesome. I told president I would serve my whole mission up here if he wanted haha. Because its pretty much the only pretty place in the mission. Its all fields and cows everywhere else. 

"I don't always move mountains, but when I do, I use the Priesthood."
Keep it real fellas! 

- Elder Maynard 
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