Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #24 March 17, 2014 In the INM- we change lives!

Hey all, 

       So this was was kind of interesting, we had zone conference down in Nampa, and district meeting in Weiser. because of that we ended up spending the three days in Nampa. It was pretty awesome to be able to hang out with some other missionaries! It honestly felt like we were on vacation! haha because we were so far away from "home" and we were gone for 3 days. . So basically in other words no missionary work was done this week haha. We tried hard, but between all of our meetings and the time we spent out of town there just wasn't much time to accomplish anything. Somehow in the time we did have we taught lots of valuable lessons. One of our investigators who was supposed to be getting dunked tomorrow pretty much disappeared. After that I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday feeling pretty down because about half of our investigators have dropped. But then i started to look around looked at the three families & two converts I have been able to teach & re-activate and I realized that i'm really changing peoples lives. That is what this mission is all about. Our ZL wrote the question on the board at conference. "In the Idaho Nampa Mission we. . . . "  (and we had to fill in the blank) I think its different for lots of missionaries. Some wrote Baptize, some wrote Party & get sent home, to me. . .  it's change lives! 

 Keep it real Gentlemen! 

      - Elder Maynard 
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