Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #24 March 17, 2014 a "Thank You" note

This is a letter President received from someone who was on vacation in McCall & heard me speak. Finally ended up in my possession around Jan 10th 2014.
President [Cannon],
    My name is Andy Weir, I'm a member or the church from queen creek AZ and i just wanted to write to tell you that i was very impressed with one of you missionaries recently. I was in McCall for vacation and on Dec 29th I went to church there with my family and heard the missionaries speak. IT was wonderful. They both did a great job. The older one, Elder [young] spoke on small and simple things - and how great things come from small beginnings. The younger one, Elder Maynard I believe gave an outstanding talk. He described his experience of sharing the gospel with a friend before the mission and drew insights from the to council the congregation on how to talk to and invite friends. He was humble, articulate, and the spirit was there - all combining to create a powerful message. 
     My various extended family members seemed to all have discussed Elder Maynard's talk in their different vehicles on their way home and we ended up talking about it further when we were all together. 
  I obviously don't know this elder but i know that he speaks with power and that he allows the spirit to convey the truth to those who hear him. I would like to tell him "thank you" for doing a great job that Sunday and i wish him well on his mission and life. 
     Its great to know that you have excellent missionaries in the [Nampa] mission and that the Lord is working miracles through his servants.
        Sincerely, Andy Wier.

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