Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #25 March 24, 2014 Giving a Book of Mormon to the cop that pulled me over.... didn't work.

Greetings from McCall!

    Its been an interesting week! Last Monday we actually hung out with a members boyfriend who lives down in Boise, it was a ton of fun! Mostly nice because we are so secluded from other missionaries. . . We just never ever see people that are close to our age. . . It was a lot of fun though!

 I don't have a ton of time this week, we are about to go meet up with some people and try and get a hike in. So i'll just share a couple quick experiences! We taught a guy last week in Council Idaho. . . It was a referral from his friend. . We knocked on his door and he just stood there. (drunk) And said "follow me" We went in and sat down. He looks up at us and says. "i used to be a stake president, i was married in the temple, i know the power of the priesthood. but i screwed up and i lost everything, so if i can tell you boys one thing. It is don't let the adversary get a hold of you even a little bit. . . . I want to change. I've been praying a lot, I need you guys to give me a blessing."  I stood up and said, let us. I then gave him one of the most inspired blessings I've heard. We were there for probably only 20 min. But in those short minutes, I have never felt the spirit so strong. As we spoke with this guy, I realized how important this gospel is. 

 Yesterday in sacrament, one of my cousins. (turns out i'm related to everyone in Idaho) was giving a talk.  . The guy giving the talk has a son out on a mission the same age as me. He was speaking of missionary work. He wasn't well versed, he didn't bring up anything incredibly profound. . But what I learned from his talk was that he was so so proud of his son. And I came away from that talk with a new mentality. A new question to pin on my sleeve. "Are you making your father proud of you? Are you making your heavenly father proud?"  It was some new found motivation that i desperately needed.  Well i'm off to explore the mountains of McCall.  . 

    Keep it real!  

   - Elder Maynard 

 ps.  I got a ticket this week, And when the cop came to the window I tried to hand him a Book of Mormon and said. "I'm glad you stopped me, I have a really important message to share with you."  ( I think that is why i got the ticket rather than a warning) #BikeAreaHereICome! 

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