Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #26 April 2, 2014 ha-KUNA- matata!!! Transfer!

Man, it has been a crazy two weeks! Last Saturday I got a phone call saying that I was going to be transferred to Kuna Idaho. It is just outside of Boise. So, I went from the Northernmost part of the mission to the Southernmost part.

 Things are completely different. Rather than having a 3 bed 2 Bath house (plus a garage and full kitchen) we live with members in the room above their garage. But at the least we have our own bathroom. Rather than a 4 wheel drive truck we have a 2 wheel bike.  But It turns out that I really enjoy the biking. Rather than it taking almost 4 hours to drive from one end of our area, it takes 30 min to bike it. Its all good because it is all so different and new. 

Also, my new companion, Elder Cope from AZ is way awesome! He and I have been in the same zone before so we were already pumped to be companions! After two days, I can already tell that this will be the best transfer of my mission so far. The area is not as active, the area isn't as fun to look at. But me and Cope are ready to work. And we get along way good. We have things in common, and we can actually have a normal conversation. I'm excited for things.

 First day in the area we spent our entire day riding bikes in the cold rain. #hotwifepoints. But I was excited about it because I had a good attitude about it and my companion is awesome. I would imagine that this is what it would feel like to serve in Ogden haha. Just about every house in this area is a member. We basically cover 5  subdivision within a 2 mile radius. To sum it all up, Its way different than McCall.

 To tell a little about my last week in McCall though, Monday the Sisters from horseshoe bend came up and we gave them a good tour of McCall, played around in the snow and walked around on the lake. Thursday we went on exchanges with the Elders in Payette, that was a lot of fun. The reason that we did was to give a baptismal interview for a kid named Louis. (18) He is getting baptized in about a week. I'm bummed that I wont be there to see it. He is going to Conference in SLC. There are 4 other people that I spent time teaching, that will be baptized this month.  Friday we had our last district meeting, I had us all play a good game of "preach my basketball" for the skill check. It was way Fun! 

Finally after I got the call for transfers we spent a lot of time visiting people, and saying good bye. Also, it was my 6 month mark, so we "burnt my tie" by wrapping it around 2.5lbs of tannerite and shooting it with a AR15. I still have some small pieces of it. haha. It was sad to leave everyone, after 6 months in one spot, it started to feel like a second home. Lots of families that I was really close to, lots of investigators that I was able to teach. It was awesome, but i'm ready for Kuna.   

    - Elder Maynard 
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